Systems Analysis Laboratory VALUE TREE ANALYSIS OrWorld
Learning Module
This introduction is a part of the multiple criteria decision analysis learning material created in the ORWorld project.

Introduction to Value Tree Analysis

The module consists of three parts:
  • In the theory part the use of value tree analysis is illustrated with an example case. Theory is briefly summarised and then applied to the case context.

  • In the assignment part the Web-HIPRE software is used for solving a simple decision-making problem. A brief report is written with the help of a precompleted report template.

  • In the evaluation part you can give feedback on the assignment and the learning environment with the Opinions Online system.
The duration of the assignment is 2-3 hours.


Learning objectives

        After the assignment you should know:
  • What is MCDA? (see About multiple criteria decision analysis)
  • The principles of multiattribute (i.e. criteria) value tree analysis.
  • How to construct a value tree and elicit priorities?
  • How to use the Web-HIPRE software to support your decision-making in simple multiple criteria decision-making problems?

If you are later interested in a broader view on value analysis, see the Value tree analysis theory part at the MCDA web site.



        Check the MCDA/ INFO / system requirements BEFORE proceeding to the assignment .



        Read the learning material on value tree analysis.

The slides are best viewed with the display resolution of 1024p*768p. If your monitor resolution is 1280p*1024p or higher (slides do not show full screen) please use this version. You can also download the presentations on your own computer.



1. Download the report template (Word), (HTML).

2. Apply value tree analysis to a decision problem in Web-HIPRE.
The purpose of this assignment is to make you familiar with value tree analysis in Web-HIPRE by creating your own value tree. You may use Web-HIPRE and write the report simultaneously.

3. Complete the report and print out your answers.



        Fill in the online questionnaire.