From this page you can find instructions and information on the system requirements and copyrights of the decision analysis learning material.

It is highly recommended that the user reads the systems requirements before proceeding to the learning material!



The site contain independent e-learning modules of about four hours study time consisting of theory sections, interactive computer analysis, online quizzes, assignments, animations and video clips. The site can be used for independent learning. Instructors can use the material to create their own modules. No support provided. Feedback is appreciated.


Web browser
The learning material is in HTML format. It has been tested with newer versions of MS Internet Explorer and Netscape. Ensure the the following options are used.

Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or newer)
  • Tools-> Inter Options-> Advanced-> Java(Sun): selected
  • Tools-> Internet Options-> Advanced-> Multimedia: Play animations, Play sounds, Play videos, and Show pictures selected.
Netscape (version 4.73 or newer)
  • Edit-> Preferences-> Advanced: Enable JavaSript and Enable style sheets selected

Video player
You need a video player for playing the video clips, which are in avi format. The videos contain sound, so sound card and speakers / headphones are also needed.

Free video players available in the Web:
Windows Media Player

Before playing the clips, please run this program on your computer. The videos are recorded using TechSmith Screen Capture video encoder-decoder which may not be present in every computer and you can download it by running the program. For more information on the codec, see

MS Word text editor
The assignment questions are presented in Rich Text Format documents, which can be viewed with MS Word.


Text size
To change the text size in

  • Internet Explorer
    Select Wiew --> Text Size
  • Netscape
    Select Wiev --> Increase / Decrease Font

Assignment templates
Templates are in Rich Text Format. Save the template on a local drive and edit with MS Word.

To take a quiz click the desired heading and

  • Give your first and last name and click "Submit".
  • When you take a quiz for the first time the server gives a "User not found" note. Just click "Add Me to This Class" to proceed.
  • Read the instructions and click "Continue".
  • Complete the quiz. You can see your score and in some cases also the correct
    answers afterwards.
    Note: automatic grading does not work in short questions!

Slide Shows
Slide shows are optimised for screen resolution of 1024p*768p. If the slides do not show full screen use the corresponding high resolution version (optimised for 1280p*1024). Also the original Power Point presentation sources are provided.

Prime Decisions

Video clips
There are two types of video clips, avi videos and gif animations. The avi videos are recorded with TechSmith Camtasia screen recorder and you need a video player to view them (see system requirements). Gif animations can be viewed with web browsers.

  • avi videos and Netscape 4.73 (or newer)
    The video is show in a separate browser window. To play the video click the right mouse button and select play. You can also stop and play the video just by clicking on the browser window.

  • avi videos and Internet Explorer 5.5 (or newer)
    The video is show in an external video player. Most of the video players provide possibilities to play, stop and rewind the video. In some players you can stop/play the video by clicking on the screen.

  • gif animations and Netscape 4.73 (or newer)
    The animation is shown in a separate browser window. Click the right mouse button to stop and reload the video. Note: you should not stop the video before the end when playing it the first time, otherwise you won't be able to play it again. However, if you happen to stop the video accidentally select Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Cache and clear both memory and disk caches.

  • gif animations and Internet Explorer 5.5 (or newer)
    The animation is shown in a separate browser window.


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