Learning Module

Assignment instructions

Let's assume you are faced with the following job selection problem. You have three different alternatives:
  • a teacher's position in a high school
  • a sales engineer position based in Middle East
  • a researcher's position in Helsinki University of Technology
You are in the lucky position of being able to choose any of the three alternatives. You have come up with the following four criteria based on which you will make your decision: salary, vacation, business travel and how well the job matches your interests. Your problem can be modelled with the following value tree:

You have the following data:

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1) Create a hierarchical model of the objectives
Add also the decision alternatives into the model. 2) Specify consequences and set attribute ranges

3) Add your preference statements

a) Weigh the attributes in respect to the alternatives i.e. elicit single attribute value functions for the attributes.
  • Form a value function for the 'Salary' attribute with the bisection method.
  • Use the same method to define a value function for the 'Vacation' attribute.
  • Use direct rating to assign values to the 'Business travel' attribute.
  • Use AHP to assign values to alternatives in respect to the 'Fit with interests' objective.
  • See the 'Preference elicitation: Single attribute value function' section.
b) Weigh the attributes with respect to the 'Job'goal (overall objective) 4) Analysis of the alternatives